About the TELxIP category


Submit TELxIP proposals to this channel for deliberation, feedback, and contestation by the community and the TELx Council.

TELxIP Authority

The TELx Council may use the TELxIP process to set, enforce, revise:

  • TELx TEL Allocation and Harvesting Rules: Make or change the rules that regulate TEL within TELx to be harvested by liquidity miners.
  • TELx Provisioning, Construction and Maintenance Rules: Make or change the rules that plan, finance the construction of new system improvements and maintenance to existing TELx infrastructure.
  • TELx Communication and Information Rules: Make or change the rules that structure how information is shared and communicated TELx by the TELx Council with the community.

TELxIP Proposal Template

  1. Abstract: Please share a brief summary 2-3 of the proposed changes.
  2. Specification: Please give a complete description of the changes that will be made.
  3. Rationale: Please provide a rationale for the changes.
  4. Implementation: Please provide details related to who will take what steps to implement the changes.
  5. Transactions: If your proposal involves transferring TEL, please specify the amount and destination.

TELxIP Documentation: Learn more about the TELxIP process here.