About the TRIP category



The Telcoin Representative Improvement Proposal (TRIP) process is the constitutional-choice process used by Miner Groups to alter their Council Members’ special duties.

Submit proposals that alter your council member position titles, roles, special duties, nomination applications and qualifications. Your Miner Group will need to approve the proposal for it to pass and be implemented. Learn more about the TRIP process here.

Proposal Template

  1. Miner Group: Who selects representatives into this Council Member position?
  2. Miner Council: Which Council does this Council Member serve?
  3. Specialization/Special Duties: What is this Council Member’s current specialization and special duties?
  4. Link to Nomination Application: ***Insert the link to the current Nomination Application in the Telcoin.org documentation.
  5. Abstract: Please share a brief summary 2-3 of the proposed changes.
  6. Specification: Please give a complete description of the changes that will be made.
  7. Rationale: Please provide a rationale for the changes.
  8. Implementation: Please provide details related to who will take what steps to implement and document the changes.