About the Validators category

Validators are GSMA Operator Member Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) who manage nodes on Telcoin Network, earn TEL gas fees and issuance each time they secure a block to the blockchain, and vote with others in their Miner Group in governance based on their TEL staked for PoS.

Validators: Political Power and Channel

  • Political Power: An individual validator’s proposal and voting in governance power is based on their pro-rata share of TEL staked for proof-of-stake consensus (PoS) on Telcoin Network versus other Validators.
  • Governance Channel: Snapshot

Validators: Collective-choice authority and associated rules

Council Member Selection: Possess the right to select the following number of representatives to each Council.

  • Platform Council: 2 of 8 representatives
  • Treasury Council: 1 of 4 representatives
  • Compliance Council: 1 of 4 representatives
  • TAN Council: 1 of 6 representatives
  • TELx Council: 1 of 6 representatives

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