Compliance Council Election 1: Nominate yourself here

Apply Now

Submit the following candidate information and application to be considered for a Compliance Council position by Stakers in the next election.

Candidate Information

  • Preferred Name and Country: Preferred name and location
  • Wallet Address: Wallet address used to be used in Council member voting.
    • Note: By submitting your wallet address you are sharing the ownership and transaction history for the entire world to see and associate with you. Only submit an address you are comfortable sharing publicly.
  • Social Media: Telcoin Discord username, Twitter account
  • Specialization: Select from one or more of the following specializations and describe your experience.
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Compliance
    • Legal & Organizational
    • Authorizations
  • Education and Experience: Provide credentials related to your JD and experience as an attorney or within a similar, related field, such as compliance.

Council Nomination Application: Provide responses to the following questions.

  • Introduction
    • How did you find out about Telcoin and why are you excited about being a part of the Telcoin community
    • What experience do you have in interacting with the Telcoin Platform as a user, miner, and/or overall ecosystem participant?
  • Why should you be selected?
    • Why are you running for this position?
    • What unique skills, experiences and credentials do you bring to the role that will assist you in fulfilling your regular and special duties?
    • What changes and improvements do you plan to propose?
    • How will you represent your miner group in decision-making processes to ensure their interests are being voiced and protected?
    • How will you keep your constituency informed?
    • How much time can you dedicate to the role each week?