About the TGIP: Telcoin Governance Improvement Proposals category

What is TGIP?

Within the system described and proposed in TGIP1, Telcoin Governance Improvement Proposal (TGIP) process is the constitutional-choice process by which the Miner Assembly, made up of all four Miner groups (Stakers, Developers, Liquidity Miners, Validators), proposes, ratifies, and implements changes and upgrades to the Telcoin Governance System.

Each Miner Group must simultaneously or sequentially approve of the same TGIP proposal in order for it to be ratified and implemented. All aspects of the Telcoin Governance System may be altered using the TGIP process.

Submit and review constitutional proposals to set and revise the terms and conditions of governance (e.g. Council Rules) and certain positions at the collective-choice level. Learn more about the constitutional level of Telcoin Platform governance.

TGIP Documentation: Review TGIP Rules here.

TGIP Proposal Template

  • Link to Existing Policy: Please link to the rules that are subject to changed as a result of this proposal (if applicable).
  • Abstract: Please share a brief summary 2-3 of the proposed changes.
  • Specification: Please give a complete description of the changes that will be made.
  • Rationale: Please provide a rationale for the changes.
  • Implementation: Please provide details related to who will take what steps to implement the changes.


Review TGIP1, the originating constitutional proposal, here for your review and feedback ahead of the TEL user vote on December 21st.

The purpose of TGIP1 is to serve as a mechanism the global community of TEL users to consent, approve, and adopt the Telcoin Platform and governance system defined on the Telcoin Association website and Constitution and to collectively ratify the Telcoin Association Constitution.

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