About the TELIP category


Submit TELIP proposals to this channel for deliberation, feedback, and contestation by the community, the Platform and Treasury Councils.

TELIP Authority

The Platform and Treasury Councils may use the TELIP process to set, enforce, revise:

  • Platform Provisioning, Maintenance and Construction Rules: Proposals that provide for (plan, finance, coordinate) the construction and maintenance of new and existing platform components.
  • TEL Treasury and Token Rules: Propose that make changes to the TEL token contract and TEL Treasury proposals that regulate the TEL Treasury inventories, flows, and systems.
  • Governance Infrastructure Improvements: Proposals that alter the technological systems used to govern Telcoin.
  • Telcoin Network Rules: After Telcoin Network is live on main net, proposals that improve Telcoin Network such as TEL harvesting, provisioning improvements, and communication and information.
  • General-purpose Provisioning Improvements: General Telcoin Platform-wide related proposals which require financing from the TEL Treasury.
  • Telcoin Association Constitution and Elections: Proposals which alter the Telcoin Association Constitution or change the Election processes.

TELIP Proposal Template

  1. Abstract: Please share a brief summary 2-3 of the proposed changes.
  2. Specification: Please give a complete description of the changes that will be made.
  3. Rationale: Please provide a rationale for the changes.
  4. Implementation: Please provide details related to who will take what steps to implement the changes.
  5. Transactions: If your proposal involves transferring TEL, please specify the amount and destination.

TELIP Documentation: Learn more about the TELIP process here.