Treasury Council Election 1: Liquidity Miners

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Submit the following candidate information and application to be considered for a Treasury Council position by Liquidity Miners in the next election.

Candidate Information

  • Preferred Name and Country: Preferred name and location
  • Wallet Address: Wallet address to be used in Council member voting.
    • Note: By submitting your wallet address you are sharing the ownership and transaction history for the entire world to see and associate with you. Only submit an address you are comfortable sharing publicly.
  • Social Media: Telcoin Discord username, Twitter account
  • Specializations: Please select one or more specializations below and describe your experience.
    • Data
    • Distribution Infrastructure and Processes
    • Financing
    • Storage Infrastructure and Processes

Council Nomination Application: Provide responses to the following questions.

  • Introduction
    • How did you find out about Telcoin and why are you excited about being a part of the Telcoin community
    • What experience do you have in interacting with the Telcoin Platform as a user, miner, and/or overall ecosystem participant?
  • Why should you be selected?
    • Why are you running for this position?
    • What unique skills, experiences and credentials do you bring to the role that will assist you in fulfilling your regular and special duties?
    • What changes and improvements do you plan to propose?
    • How will you represent your miner group in decision-making processes to ensure their interests are being voiced and protected?
    • How will you keep your constituency informed?
    • How much time can you dedicate to the role each week?

Billy Morris, USA
Discord: bmo_1009
Twitter: @bmotelcoin
Telegram: BMO
Liquidity Miner for the Treasury Council

My experience:
I have worked in the medical field for 25 years. I am constantly analyzing data to ensure the best outcomes for my patients. I collaborate with people from many other disciplines on a daily basis. I attend meetings to discuss ongoing issues, troubleshoot those issues and coordinate a new plan moving forward.

How did I find TEL:
I was introduced to Telcoin by a friend and bought my first bag in 2019. I was an early liquidity miner on the Polygon network through QuickSwap, Balancer and TELx using multiple pools. I continue to provide liquidity to this day and stake TEL on the app as well. I loved the goal of global financial inclusion.

Experience with community:
I have personally promoted Telcoin to friends, family and colleagues. I educate those that are interested in getting involved with Telcoin mining. I help troubleshoot their issues and provide guidance. I have followed the community for years, occasionally contributing. I stay up to date through Telegram, Discord, Twitter and YouTube. Telfam Chats with @Andrew_Pinch and @CryptoSteveO have been an excellent platform to keep the community informed. I am always impressed by their whiskey consumption.

Why should I be selected:
I am absolutely aligned with Telcoin’s vision, providing affordable user-owned financial services, especially for those who do not have access to banks. I will communicate with miners and keep them up to date on Treasury Council activities via Telegram, Discord and Twitter to ensure their interests are being voiced and protected. I have a great sense of duty and want to push the entire ecosystem forward. I have a vested interest in the success of the Telcoin Association.

What changes will I make:
My goal as a member of the Treasury Council is to ensure long-term sustainability to the Telcoin Association. Compensating all miners, which are vital to the ecosystem, for their efforts is very important. TEL security and distribution is paramount to the survival of the platform. As a lifelong learner, I am very excited to be a part of moving this groundbreaking project forward.

I will provide whatever time is necessary to fulfill my duties.